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29 August Panel Discussion at Stand 1004 on The Future of Digital for Marketing & Companies at The Asia Business Show 2024

29 August Panel Discussion at Stand 1004 on The Future of Digital for Marketing & Companies at The Asia Business Show 2024

29 August Panel Discussion at Stand 1004 on The Future of Digital for Marketing &
Companies at The Asia Business Show 2024



Mad About Marketing Consulting


Jaslyin Qiyu, Founder of Mad About Marketing Consulting at Stand 1126 together with Will Lee, Founder of That Marketing Guy at Stand 1004 and Joel Wong, Managing Director of Social Jet at Stand 818 are joining hands to host a robust panel discussion on the current and future state of digital for marketing and their companies on 29 August, 11 am at Booth 1004!

They will be joined by Crispian Leong, Regional Head of Marketing for Pet Lovers Centre, to provide well-rounded perspectives from both agency and client side to paint a true narrative on their observations and learnings working with companies for the last few decades in their digital marketing and client engagement strategies.

Key discussion points to be covered include:
- How far companies have evolved in their digital engagement strategies 
- What is the impact seen currently with generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) on
marketing and companies
- What are some practical applications for Gen AI and implications to consider in its use 

As the saying goes, Covid accelerated most companies’ digital transformation journeys but digital doesn’t stop at just having a website or mobile application. Now, Generative Artificial Intelligence has democratized access to what is a subset of the broader artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that used to be reserved for corporates. What it means is consumers and small business owners can enjoy access to the technology to build their own applications or implement it into their own business and marketing operations.

Before we see only the rosy side of things, it’s equally important to understand the implications and limitations of such technologies, so the panel discussion is helpful for those who are at the stage of exploration, consideration or even implementation. More details about their activities over the 28 and 29 August are available here, so do check it out:
- Mad About Marketing Consulting I Stand 1126
- That Marketing Guy I Stand 1004
- Social Jet I Stand 818

About Mad About Marketing Consulting
In the dynamic B2B and B2C landscape, where every business seeks to carve its unique identity, Mad About Marketing Consulting transcends conventional marketing boundaries.
Mad About Marketing Consulting is the brainchild of Jaslyin Qiyu, a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over two decades of transformative marketing leadership experience in global MNCs.

We are an ally and advisor for CMOs, Heads of Marketing and C-Suites, maximizing marketing potential through strategic transformation for brand, customer experience,
MarTech, content, mobile and social. Whether it’s people, processes, or platforms, we are driven by our people-centric values and passion for solving problems, thinking with empathy and acting with integrity to ensure better business and marketing outcomes.
For more information, visit

About That Marketing Guy
Imagine a world where companies exist not to pursue profit but to create value and effect positive change in their communities, countries and humanity... We want to make this our

We want to work with companies to find their purpose, to help them evolve into brands that engage instead of transact, have advocates instead of customers, and profit as a byproduct instead of an outcome. Most importantly, they don't just exist but live forever in the psyche of generations and become a part of the culture and history.

Good marketing accelerates this vital transformation: We see empathy and authenticity as the building blocks of brands, and these values stem from within the organisation and permeate the entire business. That, as well as being just the right amount of obsessed with nurturing long-term relationships with the customer.

Fundamentally, we view brands as manifestations of our collective human desire to connect and communicate - a beautiful and powerful thing. As marketers, we are morally obligated to wield this power responsibly and meaningfully.  Nothing excites us more than the opportunity to work with kindred spirits - big or small - to support them in the always-on journey of value creation.
For more information, visit

About Social Jet
Social Jet is a full-service Influencer Marketing agency focused on helping brands reach new audiences on Social Media via bespoke campaigns on Instagram and TikTok by
leveraging our extensive Influencer Network. We work primarily with micro-influencers to ensure a cost-effective approach for small- and medium-sized brands.

Leveraging our ad-centric methodologies and rigorous in-house content evaluation, we are committed to maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) for every campaign. Our approach is designed to effectively drive targeted Calls to Action, aligning closely with your distinct business goals to ensure measurable success.
For more information, visit

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