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Mad About Marketing Consulting offers both B2C and B2B clients advisory services on marketing transformation strategies:

  • Brand Building and Management
  • Marketing and MarTech Transformation
  • Content Strategy and Content Marketing
  • Social Selling and Profiling 
  • Customer Experience Management

We offer the following services as part of how we can work with you in your transformational journey:

  • Pain point discovery and ideation workshopping sessions

  • Employee education and enablement sessions

  • Marketing advisory and consultations

  • Industry or company wide speaking sessions

Why Mad About Marketing Consulting?

Mad About Marketing Consulting is the brain child of Jaslyin Qiyu, a seasoned marketing & communications professional who has been in various industries and global MNCs helming transformative roles that often go beyond the “typical marketing remit”.

A commonality observed, regardless of industry or business type is that everyone has an opinion about marketing as everyone expects marketing to solve a lot of the business pain points. However, not everyone in marketing is able to and fairly so.

Mad About Marketing Consulting is here as a Fractional CMO or an Ally for CMOs, Heads of Marketing and C-Suites to work with you and your marketing teams to maximize your marketing potential with strategic transformation for better business and marketing outcomes.

Be it People, Processes or Platforms, Mad About Marketing Consulting is here to solve your problems with empathy.

Our Values

We are people centric, driven by our passion for solving problems. We think with empathy and act with integrity at all times.

Pre-Book a 45-mins 1:1 consult and coffee with us at our Booth! Check our website for details!


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  • Join us on 28 August, 2pm at Booth 1004 for a robust and honest discussion on the progress of the digital evolution, current state of digital maturity in companies and just what is the fuss around Gen ...
  • Unsure what kind of help you need with your current marketing team structure or plans? Book a 45 minutes, 1:1 consult with me and enjoy a coffee and pastry while we discuss. 
  • Drop your business card at our Booth and Stand a Chance to Win a Complimentary Scoping Call worth $500 on the key opportunities and pain points in your marketing organization to address. 20 winners to ...
  • Follow our LinkedIn Page and Answer our Questions to win a Social Profile Makeover!
  • Marketing Advisory and Consultations don't need to break your budget. We love start-ups, non-profit organizations and public service agencies, thus we have special packages for you to help you serve y ...
  • We offer the following services to help you as a Fractional CMO or Marketing Transformation Partner: Pain point discovery and workshopping sessions Employee educational and enablement sessions Marketi ...
  • Brand Transformation

    23 Feb 2024
    Brand is the soul of your company but sometimes, the soul loses its way for various reasons...
  • When looking at your MarTech stack, it’s not about the latest shiny new tools to purchase. 
  • How are you embracing a digital-first approach? Do you know that simply having a website or social media presence is not quite cutting it in what we call being a Digital-Savvy Smart Nation?
  • As brands move into different social channels, they can find themselves in a somewhat dystopia state in terms of the way they are communicating across the different channels.
  • Good customer experience is now an essential and not nice to have, unless you are the only provider of a certain product or service. How can you compete and differentiate in this case?
  • When it comes to retention and loyalty, many organizations still struggle with it and choose to focus more on acquisition instead.
  • Change Management

    26 Feb 2024
    Change can be a scary thing because by force of nature and habit, most people thrive on familiarity.


  • Watch more about what we do and how we can help you maximize the potential of marketing through strategic and empathetic transformation without breaking your budget.


  • 28 August Panel Discussion at Stand 1004 on The Future of Digital for Marketing & Companies at The Asia Business Show 2024 ___________________________________________________________________________   ...
  • Firstly, your brand needs to serve a purpose and address a need or multiple needs for your defined target customers. Secondly, you need to know what differentiates you from your competitors even if yo ...
  • Something I’m sure that has every marketing leader or brand leader tearing their hair out besides seeing their brand scores tank is when they get all the blame for it. If only brand preference buildin ...
  • This includes: What is the current process your team has to go through to create content and offers to enable the A/B testing even if it’s a manual one? Will that process change with an automated tool ...


  • Check out the exclusive interview with our Founder, Jaslyin Qiyu, recognized as the 5 Prominent Business Women 2024 to watch out for.
  • Read our Founder's opinion piece on ways to harness social media to enhance your profile and develop further opportunities for yourself, your career and your business
  • Jaslyin Qiyu, talks about avoiding new solutions to become a white elephant. It’s imperative to establish a holistic adoption strategy involving power users and train-the-trainer concepts.
  • The Dying Empathetic Leadership

    05 Feb 2024 Jaslyin Qiyu
    Timely and transparent senior management communications are key during times of organizational change. Yet many organizations still don't get it right.
  • The evolving role of the CMO - one of them is often to be a change catalyst. Is that a reasonable ask?
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