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Transform your business with Zoho

30 Aug 2023
Seminar Theatre 4

In this seminar, attendees will discover the power of Zoho, a comprehensive eco-system of 55+ apps designed to enhance collaboration, productivity, and efficiency
across a wide range of business categories. Whether it's improving customer experience, streamlining marketing efforts, managing projects more effectively, or enhancing communication, Zoho provides a collaborative environment that enables businesses to excel in these areas and more.

The seminar will also showcase how software automation is a critical component of workplace success and how Zoho's suite of apps can help automate repetitive tasks and workflows, freeing up time and resources for more strategic initiatives. Attendees will learn practical tips and best practices for leveraging Zoho's suite of
apps to drive business success and achieve their goals.

Chia Ching Khoo, Regional Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific - ZOHO CORPORATION PTE LTD