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Unstoppable SMEs: Navigating and Conquering Economic Turbulence

29 Aug 2024
Keynote Theatre 2 by Richworks International Sdn Bhd

In an unpredictable economic landscape, SME business owners must adapt and innovate to ensure their businesses not only survive but thrive. Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman, renowned for his expertise in branding, marketing, customer centricity, and strategic business management, will deliver an insightful talk focusing on essential strategies for competing effectively, identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities, and overcoming challenges in uncertain times. This session will highlight how RichWorks has significantly impacted the rise of SMEs since its inception 16 years ago. RichWorks has transformed the landscape of SME business success in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia, saving many businesses during the pandemic of 2020. The seminar will showcase how RichWorks has built numerous household brands and businesses, some achieving revenues from almost zero to over RM100 million to RM500 million per annum. With over one million Malaysians impacted, the phenomenon of "starting and growing" businesses has become more common than ever. This session will cover practical insights and actionable advice, including a showcase of successful case studies from RichWorks' clients who have navigated similar challenges and achieved remarkable results. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge to strengthen their business resilience and drive sustainable growth. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's leading experts and empower your business to succeed in any economic environment.

Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman, Founder & Group Chairman - Richworks International Sdn Bhd
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