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Directors’ Responsibilities in Trying Times

29 Aug 2024
Seminar Theatre 4

While many discussions focus on the better side of businesses, there is often a dearth to providing guidance for any businesses trying to navigate through difficult times.
We are a team of qualified and seasoned insolvency practitioners and forensic accountants who have the experience, capability and determination to help you navigate through the challenges that you may be facing.

When a company is facing financial turmoil or showing signs of distress, very often, company Directors and Officeholders may not be aware of their fiduciary duties and the legal impact of their actions in these situations, some of which may result in the officeholder assuming personal liability. In this seminar, we will share important insights on the following topics:

  • Early warning signs and red flags

  • Directors’ duties and responsibilities in a distress situation

  • Restructuring and insolvency regime in Singapore



Ms Oon Su Sun, Head of Advisory - Finova Group
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