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Enter an E-Commerce Market that’s 140X Bigger than Singapore!

28 Aug 2024
Keynote Theatre 3 - Going Global
In 2023, Singapore’s e-commerce sales total was US$8 billion. In the United States it was US$1.119 trillion. In other words, Singapore’s e-commerce market value is only 0.7% compared to the US. Are you already selling online in the US? If not, then it’s a market you definitely want to consider getting into. Even if you are already selling in the US, but not on Amazon, then it’s a channel you cannot afford to ignore. Don’t miss this eye-opening session as Jason explains the where, why, what, who, and how to, of leveraging Amazon to grow your sales in the US, and beyond. Seize this opportunity to learn about entering a market that’s 140X bigger than Singapore!
Jason Tay, Founder - The Soap Haven &
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