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Criticality of Integrated Cybersecurity for a Resilient OT Organisation

29 Aug 2024
Seminar Theatre 4

Operational Technology (OT) is increasingly linked with IT, and the cloud, to drive the overall operations of organisations, including those dealing with critical infrastructure. This exposure has led to more cyberattacks and to both the traditional OT and the IT being exposed to increased threats. AI and its use in both areas further increases the threats, especially since attackers are also using AI to enhance their attack capabilities. Although cybersecurity and project management principles are similar for both IT and OT, the teams involved in implementing new capabilities often seem to come from two different worlds. The different technology and vendors require more planning earlier in the process, additional considerations during the bidding and acquisition process, and, during the build-out and implementation, increased concerns for the way operations will be executed. Furthermore, governance and risk management, especially to meet critical infrastructure regulations, requires more direct interaction between the integration vendor and the organisation’s governance and business operations teams. This seminar will explore these concepts by drawing on the experience Focus DigiTech/Cybernatics has gained implementing cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure operators in Singapore.



Michael Kelly, Senior Advisor - Focus Digitech
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