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Yulia Blinova

Yulia Blinova

Supply Chain & Procurement Expert, ZIGNIFY PTE LTD

Yulia Blinova. Founder of Zignify Global Product Sourcing. Co-Founder of 2 Amazon brands. She speaks at conferences and events and provides consulting utilizing her 17 years of experience in the global product sourcing, supply chain, logistics, import/export and ecommerce fields.  Prior to founding Zignify, she held the position of Managing Director (Russia) for a German unicorn start up-Flixbus. She consulted for BCG, Alibaba, Joop, and other organizations that required help with sourcing and supply chain management. When off work, she is a motorcycle chick, a traveler, and a partner to her better half, Sebastian Herz, who is a Co-Founder and the only man at Zignify.