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Shitij Bathla

Shitij Bathla

Managing Partner & Chief Consultant, sbPowerDev

Shitij Bathla is a seasoned data analytics professional with over a decade of experience in leveraging data insights to drive business growth. With a deep understanding of Microsoft data analytics tools, including Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Machine Learning, he has successfully implemented data analytics strategies and solutions for various organizations in Singapore. Shitij is passionate about helping businesses harness the power of data to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer experiences.

As an engaging speaker, Shitij shares his expertise and knowledge in the field of data analytics, guiding audiences through the journey of data-driven decision-making. In his presentations, he showcases the capabilities of Microsoft tools, providing real-world examples and best practices for effective data analysis and visualization. His dynamic speaking style and practical insights leave the audience inspired to leverage data analytics for business growth. Shitij's passion for the subject and his ability to simplify complex concepts make him a valuable resource for organizations seeking to harness the potential of data analytics.

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