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Pankaj Pandey

Pankaj Pandey

Managing Director & C.E.O., V3 Outsourcing Solutions

Starting Point: Pankaj started his career as a tele-sales agent in 2004 and climbed the ladder of success by getting
promoted to multiple designations within a short span of time due to his impeccable performances. In the year 2006, he
started his own outsourcing consultancy firm named V3 Outsourcing Solutions. He worked with multiple US, UK, Australia
based clients as their channel partner and used to outsource their campaigns to Indian call centers.

Challenges Overcome: Despite financial constraints and a lack of family business background, Pankaj’s invincible spirit and
business acumen propelled V3OS to unparalleled heights. His operational strategies helped the business come out
stronger even during Covid period where not even a single client faced service delivery issue.

Achievements: Pankaj started his own BPO in the year 2013 named V3 Outsourcing Sol Private Ltd. with 12 staff and now
manages 500+ staff. He has been instrumental in taking V3 Outsourcing to the level of getting certified by British
Standards Institution (BSI) for ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 27701. Under his guidance, V3 Outsourcing now works with over
70 clients in global market providing various call center/BPO services. Pankaj’s pioneering practices, including inventive
approaches to the BPO Industry, laid the foundation for V3’s enduring legacy as one of the most preferred and reliable
outsourcing partners.


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