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Kia Holm Reimer

Kia Holm Reimer

Founder, Expat Advising

Kia is a speaker, an author of "9 things to do and consider before expatriating" and the founder of Expat Advising. She is a specialist in the expat industry. Her work revolves around making expatriations a success for all stakeholders.

Kia is an extremely passionate speaker. She is engaging, bold and tells it like it is. She is the winner of "People ́s Choice" at the 2022 yearly Pecha Kucha hosted by Asia Professional Public Speakers in Singapore, and uses her 9 years as an expat herself, in her speaking.

Kia has completed 3 days at Speakers Academy by Sam Cawthorn and a 2 day speakers masterclass with APSS.

Her speeches are relatable, thought provoking, deeply moving and give motivation for change resulting in success.

She is relevant for any company working with expats or having expats (foreigners) as part of their workforce and indeed for all platforms, communities, conferences catering to an expat community or intercultural audience.

Kia was born in Denmark and has lived in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, France and now Singapore. The journey of living and working in diverse cultures has forced her to develop intercultural skills.

These skills make Kia an obvious choice when speaking and communicating for and with a diverse audience.

Expat Advising was founded after Kia hitting rock bottom as an expat herself. Her way back up, and her pursuit to find a solution to change her state, exposed a gap in the expat industry.

With Expat Advising and as a speaker, Kia is determined to reduce the 40% expat failure and the high risk of burn out for expats. Her goal is to make more expats thrive and to help secure return on investment for companies.

Kia ́s own story as an entrepreneur and from finding her way back, certainly makes her relevant for any audience looking for inspiration and change.

In addition to the above, Kia is a dedicated runner. At age 46, she is still winning runs and attributes her consistency and mindset in her running, to her ability to cope with massive change and challenges.

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