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Felicia Miljenovic

Felicia Miljenovic

Founder & Principal Coach, Business Multiplier Pte Ltd

Coach Felicia is the dynamic founder of Business Multiplier, a business coaching firm renowned for its exceptional track record in multiplying profit and revenue for businesses across various industries. She has a proven ability to transform struggling companies into valuable, scalable enterprises. Felicia's expertise lies in identifying and capitalising on growth opportunities, resulting in significant increases in profitability and market share. Her strategic insights and innovative methodologies have consistently led to remarkable business turnarounds.

In addition to financial success, Felicia and her team excel in building valuable and scalable companies, which often includes building high-performing teams. They are dedicated to facilitate the process of building a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement. She believes that by working on both the areas of the ‘Brain’ and the ‘Heart’, companies can achieve sustainable and limitless growth without sacrificing the wellbeing of the owners. Connect with her if that resonates with you!


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