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Attend this high value crash course and learn from former entrepreneurs with proven success record


Become a marketing Guru in 30 Mins
Comprehensive masterclass to learn proven marketing strategies to improve your presence and sales. Learn and explore useful marketing tools and tactics. We will cover leveraging social media to increase your sales. How to create Sales funnels to increase customer purchases and many more tips and tricks.

MUST DO’s when starting a business
Make sure you take account of all checkpoints when starting your business. From tax compliances and legal to operational and marketing, we’ll have you covered.

Dominate with your e-commerce store
Get your online store to stand out from the rest using these proven marketing strategies. We will discuss everything from choosing your online platform to converting customers and post-sales marketing.

Increase your ranking on Google
Explore key drivers and marketing tactics to get your website ranked high on search engines. We will discuss what you should focus on that matters the most, whilst drilling into minor perfections to fine-tune. We will cover tips on using keywords and optimizing your website pages to help you get to know googles algorithms better.




11:00 - Become a marketing Guru in 30 Mins
12:00 - MUST DO’s when starting a business
13:00 - Dominate with your e-commerce store
14:00 - Increase your ranking on Google
15:00 - Become a marketing Guru in 30 Mins
16:00 - MUST DO’s when starting a business


11:00 - Increase your ranking on Google
12:00 - Dominate with your e-commerce store
13:00 - MUST DO’s when starting a business
14:00 - Become a marketing Guru in 30 Mins
15:00 - MUST DO’s when starting a business
16:00 - Become a marketing Guru in 30 Mins



  • Learn proven strategies by entrepreneurs that have demonstrated a strong success record


  • Complete A – Z guidance on your business from compliance and legal to marketing and operations and everything in-between


  • Build your own business single-handedly and avoid costly courses and marketing budgets


  • All 4 masterclasses deliver fun, no-nonsense and practical advice specifically for small to medium sized businesses


  • Discover practical step-by-step approach to build your dream business


  • Ask any questions at the end of each masterclass to our business experts


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