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Xctuality is a spatial computing startup that is helping to reverse climate change by pioneering the future of ubran lifestyle.  We accomplish this by innovating a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network, creating the building blocks of future smart cities, which enables us to connect spaces.  To put it succinctly, Web1 was about connecting online, Web2 was about connecting pages, and Web3 is enabling us to connect spaces.. from digital to physical and back again. 


In connecting spaces, we connected our immersive experiences and XctuaLyfe Metaverse to real world utility with our Phygital Experience.  We proved that we can convert virtual interactions into physical engagements.  We’ve also created MetaFarms, Xctuality’s first Web3 ecosystem and the world’s first phygital farms, with our food and farming partner.  MetaFarm’s business model consists of putting physical farms together with Metaverse and Web3, so that greater revenues and capital can be unlocked to benefit farmers, that will eventually improve their income level while educating the younger demographic about the realities of food and farming.  In the long term, MetaFarms will create a new paradigm of licensing and trading proprietary farm data for use in urban high-tech vertical farming.


Finally, we are integrating with critical systems and Greentech solutions in order to better visualize our carbon footprint, so as to make better decisions that can positively impact our environment, thus fulfilling our ESG narrative to help reverse climate change.

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