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Talent Plus, an internationally-recognized global talent consulting firm with over 400 clients and brands in over 20 countries, delivers interviews and assessments in more than 20 languages. We use world-class science to help clients grow high-performing and fully-engaged cultures through talent discovery and development. 

Our ROI results show improved work performance, increased productivity, reduced turnover, strengthened employee engagement and bottom-line results. Using The Science of Human PotentialitySM, we help individuals and organizations actualize their potential and realize their best future.

We’ve studied data across different organizations and industries — from frontline staff to C-Suite executives — to understand the impact of talent on culture among top performers and to help our clients select and develop talent. When we work with clients utilizing our REAL Approach to Recognize, Engage, Accelerate and Lead top performers, we provide a talent summary that indicates if job candidates are recommended or not recommended to move forward in the selection process. This recommendation is scientifically validated with correlations between talent and performance typically exceeding 0.40 — nearly double the U.S. Department of Labor’s threshold for useful assessments.

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