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  • noun [C]
  • A Research-Based Industrial Design Studio:
    A studio dedicated to transforming innovative ideas into impactful realities. Based in Thailand, Dessearch combines a deep understanding of user needs with creative excellence to deliver exceptional design solutions that resonate globally.
  • The Synthesis of Design and Research:
    A pioneering approach where the art of design meets the science of research, leading to innovative and impactful solutions. Known for its unique blend of creativity and analytical rigor.
  • A Brand Philosophy:
    The ethos of a design studio that believes in redefining boundaries, exceeding expectations, and creating with purpose. Stands for being well-rounded, integrated, and dynamic in all endeavors.
  • A Creative Journey:
    An adventure embarked upon with clients, characterized by exploration, discovery, and transformation. Marked by a collaborative spirit and a commitment to excellence.

  • verb
  • To Engage in a DESSEARCH Process:
    The act of exploring, defining, designing, developing, and deploying in the realm of design and research. A process known for its depth, thoroughness, and client-centric focus.
    Example: "Going through a Dessearch journey, we discovered innovative solutions that perfectly aligned with our user needs and business goals."

Our Mission

"Innovating Design, Empowering Collaboration"

At Dessearch, we’re all about combining fresh design ideas with deep research insights. We believe in creating designs that truly resonate with users. Our mission is to partner with you, bringing expertise and a personal touch to every project, challenging the norms to discover new design possibilities together.

Our Vision

"Collaborating for Creative Breakthroughs in Design and Research"

In a world where design meets innovative research, we lead with collaboration. Our vision is to transform unique ideas into impactful, user-centered realities. Together, we're not just designing; we're creating a future where every project redefines excellence.

Core Values

  • Well-Rounded Expertise:
    Our team brings a diverse set of skills and perspectives, ensuring holistic and well-rounded design solutions.
  • Integrated Approach:
    We seamlessly blend research, creativity, and practical application to deliver designs that are both innovative and functional.
  • Dynamic Innovation:
    Constantly evolving, we embrace change and encourage new ideas to stay ahead in the design industry.

Our Process: The 5 Ds

  • Discover:
    We embark on a journey of exploration, conducting thorough research to uncover insights and opportunities. This phase involves stakeholder interviews, market analysis, and understanding user behaviors.
  • Define:
    Transforming discoveries into a solid strategy, we define the project’s direction, create personas, and map customer journeys to establish clear objectives and criteria.
  • Design:
    Here, our creative magic happens. We develop conceptual designs, create brand identities, and explore various design directions, ensuring they resonate with the target audience.
  • Develop:
    Bringing designs into the real world, we prototype, test, and refine every detail to ensure the final product is flawless and ready for implementation.
  • Deploy:
    It’s showtime! We launch the project, ensuring seamless execution and monitoring its performance to make necessary adjustments for ongoing success.

Why Choose Dessearch?

Choosing Dessearch means partnering with a team that is as passionate about your vision as you are. We bring Thai warmth and global insight into every project, ensuring designs that are not only effective but also deeply empathetic. Our commitment to research-driven design sets us apart, ensuring that every solution is tailored to meet real user needs and market demands.

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