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  • | Artificial Intelligence

Carbon GPT, a trailblazing tech startup, merges the realms of sustainability and artificial intelligence, championing a mission to democratize sustainability. We believe in inclusive environmental stewardship, where combating climate change is a shared responsibility, ensuring everyone has a say. Traditionally, the corporate sustainability landscape has been fraught with complexities that deter engagement. Our solution? A powerful AI-enhanced platform, designed as your Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer, that simplifies ESG management into a seamless, scalable, and stress-free process.

Our platform revolutionizes the way organizations approach their environmental responsibilities, providing tools for Seamless Carbon Accounting, AI-driven Assistance, and One-click GHG Reporting. These features are engineered to save businesses 50% in time and 80% in resources, typically consumed in sustainability efforts, by automating and streamlining critical processes.

Within an incredibly short span, Carbon GPT has not only secured backing from notable entities like Cradle Malaysia and Future Worlds, UK, but also marked its presence in Silicon Valley’s prestigious pitching circles. Our clients, including renowned names like MST GOLF, attest to the transformative impact of our technology. They celebrate the “invaluable tool” that has drastically optimized their GHG reporting process, echoing the efficiency and user-centric design of our system.

Empowering Our Clients:

  1. Knowledge Integration: Our platform constantly updates with the latest in GHG compliance, ensuring you're always informed.
  2. Streamlined Processes: From data collection to GHG calculations, every step is simplified.
  3. Instant Reporting: Generate comprehensive emissions reports with a single click.
  4. Insightful Analytics: Utilize our Carbon GPT AI-assistant for in-depth analysis and business intelligence, turning data into actionable insights.


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