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  • OEV Showreel

    15 Nov 2021
  • You're Somebody's Type

    12 Nov 2021 NHS Blood and Transplant
    Who can you help? Do something amazing. Save lives.
  • What happens when I give blood?

    12 Nov 2021 NHS Blood and Transplant
    From the moment you arrive at your donation session, we will guide you through the process, explain what we are doing and answer any questions you may have.  
  • Dear Sickle Cell

    12 Nov 2021 NHS Blood and Transplant
    Mary is supporting the #DearSickleCell campaign due to living with this condition all her life. She receives 10 units of blood monthly to help manage her health.
  • BOPP for business video

    11 Nov 2021 BOPP
  • 23rd Annual Business Continuity Awards Winner Horizonscan BCP & PD Ports
  • Introduction to Crossroads Global

    08 Nov 2021 Crossroads Global
  • Centre VR

    05 Nov 2021 Colin Parnell
    An introduction to CentreVR
  • INSME Free Membership

    02 Nov 2021
    Our team have over 25 years’ experience in providing benefits and services for trade associations and membership groups. We have launched the Intelligent SME platform so smaller companies can enjoy th ...
  • We are Horizonscan

    01 Nov 2021
    Horizonscan - Award-winning Specialists in Resilience
  • Who is Kounteq?

    01 Nov 2021 Sunny Winter
    Find out more about the team behind our innovative company and about how we can help predict tomorrow's problems with our great systems.
  • Medigold Health Perform can help you to achieve your employee wellbeing goals and support you in creating a mentally healthy workplace.
  • Absentia, Medigold Health’s online absence management service, provides you with all the tools you need to manage employee absence proactively from day one while relieving the administrative burden.
  • Julian Wright, Sales Director of Amaya Sales UK takes us through the history of Amaya, the directors and the vast offering of personalised garment equipment solutions on offer from the team at Amaya S ...
  • Manlitics B2B ITES Pvt Ltd

    26 Oct 2021 Manlitics

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