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07 Oct 2022

Nintex Process Discovery

  • Nintex Process Discovery
  • Nintex Process Discovery
Nintex Process Discovery Nintex Process Discovery

What is Nintex Process Discovery?

Built with patented AI technology, Nintex Process Discovery is our proprietary tool that helps organizations maximize the value of Robotic Process Automation by identifying an organization’s business processes, correlating variations, and making automation recommendations for enhanced efficiency.

Nintex Process Discovery is the only solution on the market that not only identifies your business processes to automate, but also generates automation workflows for you – making RPA development and deployment easier and more efficient than ever before.


How process discovery benefits your organization? 


Accelerate Automation Development Reduce Total Cost of Ownership Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, Nintex Process Discovery identifies every process and variant thereof.
With a complete map of all your processes, it’s easier than ever to
identify the most efficient variants and discover opportunities that may have been overlooked.


Nintex Process Discovery seamlessly turns process recommendations into automation. The system immediately generates the automated workflows within the Nintex Kryon Studio leaving you only fine-tuning before assigning automation tasks to your virtual team.


Lower the costs associated with identifying processes manually or through third parties, as well as costs related to the deployment,
development and management of RPA, for maximum ROI.


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