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  • UK Standing Desk Reviews

    23 Nov 2021 Drew Clayton
    Which standing desk is the true standout? 🔥💯🔥 We’ve reviewed four popular standing desks in a side by side comparison.  
  • Are You Lost in the Marketing Maze?

    22 Nov 2021 Anneve Hutchinson
    "Vision is a destination - a fixed point to which we focus all our effort. Strategy is a route - an adaptable path to get us where we want to go." Simon Sinek  
  • Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK), a global ecosystem of technology leaders, has selected Fondy as one of the UK’s most promising high-growth firms to join their 2021 Scale Up Club cohort. Each ...
  • Step over Europe and into China

    17 Nov 2021 Sarah O'Reilly
    Faced with language, legislative and cultural barriers - establishing your business in China can be intimidating. However, with the right partner these challenges can be conquered. 
  • Open Banking isn’t new. In fact, you probably have an app, a budgeting or savings tool that uses open banking to give you an overview of the multiple bank accounts you own in one place. But this is on ...
  • With the growing number of cyber-crimes today, protecting your operation is an evolving and challenging task. Investing in and managing a Security Operations Centre (SOC) is crucial.
  • Preventing Ransomware

    12 Nov 2021 Amritpal Gill
    Many IT Security experts use a certain turn of phrase and we echo it: they only need to be lucky once, we need to be lucky all the time.
  • Award winning

    10 Nov 2021 John Benfield
    In a highly competitive category,  Horizonscan was able to demonstrate some incredible achievements for a recently established working partnership
  • Case studies

    10 Nov 2021 John Benfield
    We have worked with companies large and small – across continents and throughout different sectors. Here are is an example of the work we have done. 
  • Full Charge: Electric Vehicles and a Decarbonised Future

    09 Nov 2021 Octopus Electric Vehicles
    Octopus Energy, collaborating with National Grid, has penned a report – ‘Full Charge: Electric Vehicles and a decarbonised future’
  • What will the post-Covid UK economy look like? What it is clear, is that nobody knows with certainty. There is a mix of good and bad forces, which can affect businesses in different ways.
  • Wellness in the Workplace

    04 Nov 2021 LIFE Fit
    With a happier, healthier, more focused workforce you will see increased efficiency & focus. What does this mean to you? it means increased profits, reduced sick days & improved staff retention.
  • Exporting goods or services internationally has potential for all. However, the task can feel daunting for SMEs. Here is some advice on the sectors and countries you should consider when going global.
  • Unigigster makes it easy for businesses to give out small, flexible, temp work that does not require subject matter expertise to young university students.  
  • What are the key points about B2B Edition? Captivate customers with the right experience and start selling faster – with B2B-optimised themes and robust pre-installed B2B features, this means that cus ...
  • Advantages of Stretching  1. Enhances Your Performance in Physical Activities  Stretching improves performance before any physical activity and helps you gain a full range of motion, lessening the ris ...

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