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  • PEOP Connect: Empowering Connections, Amplifying Success PEOP Connect is the vibrant HR, Company, and Candidate community platform that fosters meaningful connections. Professionals and candidate alik ...
  • RE Recruitment, an award-winning UK recruitment agency, will be exhibiting at The Great British Business Show 2022 at London ExCeL.
  • Business expenses Usually, expenses incurred by a company are tax deductible from its profits as long as they are “wholly and exclusively for the purpose of the trade”. One important exception to this ...
  • How to respond to an employee loan request

    07 Sep 2022 Indicator - FL Memo
    Reality bites In a recent survey, 52% of employees stated that the cost of living crisis is impacting them hard. Many are looking for a new role with a higher salary or requesting a pay rise. As an al ...
  • STRONG offers a first of its kind, untraditional workout that is more than your typical pilates class. Meet Rowformer: the latest Pilates hybrid that blends pilates and rowing.
  • Tap into your existing customer base to find new customers. People prefer to buy from people that they know, people they like and people they trust. It makes sense. If you bought a product or service ...
  • 1. Manage reviews. When is the last time you Googled yourself or your business to see what was being said about you? I've had some very successful clients with fantastic businesses who have made it to ...
  • Early on, the focus of an entrepreneur is to be successful, get great results and create wealth. But at some point, it’s important to recognize that while money and wealth enhance the quality of your ...
  • How to Successfully Run a Small Business

    25 Aug 2022 George Swift
    Creating a successful small business isn't easy. Focusing on daily actives, the business owner can become overwhelmed and lose sight of the overall objectives and the desired outcomes.
  • Most business owners fall into their small businesses, stumble through their first months or sometimes even years, then ask this important question: What do I need to do before I launch my business?
  • Okay, so you want to launch a service-based business, but where do you start? Well, the fact you’re even reading this article already puts you ahead of most people. 
  • Struggling to stay on top of everything? Our Virtual Assistants help businesses to cope with demanding schedules, routine tasks, and other admin work. 
  • If you haven’t come across these questions in your business yet, expect too soon. Sustainability is already a topic on most government tenders. 
  • Revolutionary all-in-one business launchpad to fuel entrepreneurs
  • Brought to you by Razor Global Solutions, in partnership with the Bedfordshire Police, join us as we equip your business and your employees with the skills to detect, prevent and report fraud. 
  • Working From Home LIVE special deal

    23 Nov 2021 Mike Boyt
    Special Offer for WFH Expo show-goers only We have a special deal for everyone visiting The Business Show 2021, Working From Home LIVE exhibition, only available when you visit our stand.

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