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27 Sep 2021

Project Life

Project Life
No worries, no limits, no fear and no procrastination

My business coaching clients often suffer with things like imposter syndrome, negative beliefs and values.

Do you struggle with any of these?

Limiting beliefs

Chattering mental voices 

Low self esteem

Lack of confidence

Stress and Anxiety

Most of us are prey to negative self images of some kind because we build up a vast 'treasure chest' of information during our lives and unfortunately a lot of that is negative. Every time someone says you're stupid, useless, unfocussed, won't amount to much, can't do this and can't do that we take it and store it away. There is nothing wrong with doing that until you realise that our unconscious mind uses all of this information to build our own internal beliefs and values about us. This then has a direct impact upon our behaviours which of course is how the world sees us. .

I help business owners overcome those negatives which then changes what we project. Once we begin to project and radiate positivity about ourselves we get it back from those around us. Net result we begin to believe in ourselves, others begin to believe in us and we begin to behave like the dog in the picture.

No limits!! Nothing stopping us from doing what we set out to do!!

If you want to find out more look me up on stand B850. I'm here and happy to talk and exchange ideas.


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