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17 Aug 2021

Business Growth School: The Business Show Press Release

Are you someone who’s just recently left their 9-5 job in favor of finding something better? It’s the first step that every entrepreneur takes, and it’s the toughest one. The start of your journey as an entrepreneur isn’t all sugar and rainbows. In fact, it’s almost expected that you will have a few stumbling blocks that trip you. Without the proper help, you may not be able to get back up and recover from that. That’s why you need help from the experts. 


The Business Growth School was founded in order to guide rookie entrepreneurs so that they avoid the mistakes that can hold them back significantly from reaching their desired goals. Here you can find 2 courses: The Business Consultant Masterclass and the Business Growth Masterclass. 


The Business Consultant Masterclass focuses on helping people who wish to become business consultants to help them start and develop their own consultancy businesses from concept to learning the skills for making a truly successful consultancy business.


The Business Growth Masterclass is for all aspiring entrepreneurs and it teaches you everything needed to grow your business, from lead generation to training your entire organisation to sell and market. 


The founder of the Business Growth School Alan Crouch is a seasoned veteran in the field of entrepreneurship, with over 25+ years of sales experience and skill that have been proven in rapidly growing business performance. He is also a visiting lecturer in Cambridge University, motivational business consultant and business executive trainer, and speaker.


If you want to know the formula for business growth and business consultant success, The Business Growth School is the place for you to be!


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