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  • Jaslyin Qiyu, talks about avoiding new solutions to become a white elephant. It’s imperative to establish a holistic adoption strategy involving power users and train-the-trainer concepts.
  • The evolving role of the CMO - one of them is often to be a change catalyst. Is that a reasonable ask?
  • The Dying Empathetic Leadership

    05 Feb 2024 Jaslyin Qiyu
    Timely and transparent senior management communications are key during times of organizational change. Yet many organizations still don't get it right.
  • Discover the groundbreaking potential of, a multilingual chatbot solution.'s innovative approach to customer engagement is set to reshape the way we interact in the digital age.  
  • Explore how transforms businesses by optimizing customer support through AI-driven chatbots, leading to substantial cost savings and enhanced efficiency.
  • Discover how revolutionizes chatbots, standing out through multilingual prowess, advanced AI, and seamless integration, setting a new competition standard.
  • What Is Data Breach And How To Stop It?

    13 Jul 2023 Contfinity Pte Ltd
    The number of incidents of data breaches has been on the rise globally, we will share how data breaches happened, types of data breaches and ways to prevent data breaches.
  • Excellent customer service is key to achieving brand loyalty and effective acquisition - all major points in consistently providing a positive customer experience.
  • What is Social Engineering

    13 Jul 2023 Contfinity
    Social engineering. One of the easiest yet dangerous techniques used by hackers to gain access to your accounts. But what does it mean? How do you avoid it?
  • Discover VirtualSpirit's groundbreaking solutions at the Business Show Singapore 2023, revolutionising business practices with innovative technologies.  
  • The Remote Group is now fully incorporated and operational in the USA!
  • The Sectors that Catered by VirtualSpirit

    22 Jun 2023 VirtualSpirit
    VirtualSpirit excels in web and mobile app development across sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, finance, real estate, blockchain, AI, taxi booking, and eco-tech, empowering businesses and users.  
  • The Remarkable History of VirtualSpirit

    21 Jun 2023 VirtualSpirit
    Pioneering remote collaboration in web and mobile development. Embracing the "Virtual" world and collaborative "Spirit." Explore VirtualSpirit's journey, products, tech, team, and projects.
  • Unlocking a Dynamic Network: PEOP Connect serves as a virtual hub, where HR professionals, companies, and candidates converge to build meaningful connections. Here, diversity thrives, and expertise fr ...
  • PEOP Connect: Empowering Connections, Amplifying Success PEOP Connect is the vibrant HR, Company, and Candidate community platform that fosters meaningful connections. Professionals and candidate alik ...

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