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Keeping You Safe

For the past year COVID-19 has left us all in a state of constant flux. As an events organiser, it's our priority to ensure everyone who attends the event feels safe and is not put under any unnecessary risk. 

Moving the dates of the event to late November, will help put us in a good position to create a more 'normal' exhibition which everyone is familiar with, without the need for the level of restrictions currently in place. In line with government guidance and strict social distancing measures, we've set out a list of safety measures, in line with the industry-wide 'All Secure Standard', to allow the event to take place safely. 

Social Distancing

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Protect & Detect

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Cleaning & Hygiene

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What To Expect... 


• Crowd density standard (CDS) - Extra staff will be put in place to record footfall and limit the amount of visitors in areas beginning to crowd, thus allowing for successful interactions in a safe and controlled environment. 

• Pre-registration required - No visitors will be permitted to the venue without prior pre-registration online. This is done to minimise queuing at the event, to facilitate seamless and contactless entry and exit, and to mitigate time spent in crowded areas. 

Managing the flow of traffic - A one way system will be implemented to ensure a logical flow through the venue, prevent bottlenecks and safely maintain social distancing. 

• Staggered arrival - Guests may be allocated time slots for arrival in order to comply with CDS and limit overcrowding in the venue. Pre-booked meetings with exhibitors will be encouraged, via the 'book a meeting at the show' buttons displayed on each exhibitors' webpage. Meetings can be pre-booked at 

• No more handshakes - In order to avoid any unnecessary contact, we encourage all staff, exhibitors and visitors to abstain from handshakes. We propose alternative greetings are carried out, such as the now familiar 'elbow bump'. 

Protect & Detect

• Face Masks - Face coverings are likely to be mandatory to minimise the spread of germs and the virus. Current Government guidance states face coverings must be worn at any indoor venue. We will continue to monitor changes in advice, updates can be found at ExCeL website. 

• PPE - All key contractors and personnel will be given additional PPE including food and beverage staff, and cleaning staff.

Perspex Screens - Perspex screens will be fitted in high contact areas where safe social distancing cannot be implemented, for example, areas serving food or handling regular payments. 

• Temperature Checks - Staff will be on hand to scan the temperature of all guests entering the exhibition. Guests showing high temperatures or symptoms associated with COVID-19 will not be allowed entry to the event. 

• Contact Tracing - Details of visitors to the event will be shared with NHS test and trace as required by Government. 

Cleaning & Hygiene

• Venue Enhanced Cleaning - High contact 'touch points' will be regularly sanitised and cleaned throughout the day, exhibitors will be encouraged to clean any products or surfaces on a frequent basis, and extra staff will be available to clean theatres and food areas on a regular basis. 

• Hand Sanitise Stations - Numerous hand sanitising stations will be dotted throughout the show, as well as encouraged use of sanitising upon entry to the exhibition. 

• Venue Control - Our partners at ExCeL London will be ensuring the venue complies with guidance on airflow and humidity, and using appropriate controls to mitigate risk. 

• Fogging - Fogging machines will be placed in the air handling units in all of the Event Halls. The machines spray a dry mist of didecyldimethylammonium chloride (along with other components) which kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including norovirus, influenza. and E. coli. The substance is non-toxic and leaves a pleasant odour. 


• Event Signage - Signage inline with Government advice will be placed throughout the venue, including reminders to wash hands regularly and wear face masks at all times. 

• Emails, Website and Social Media - We'll be ensuring regular communication with our all our guests is provided via emails, social media and our website. Any changes to guidance will be updated on this page, alerts will be made on social media and updates will be provided in our newsletter emails. Closer to the event (when we have a better idea of measures at that time,) we will communicate changes to guidance and how this will affect visitors/exhibitors at the show via email and our website. 

• Exhibitor Manuals - Exhibitor manuals will be updated to reflect what responsibilities exhibitors have to mitigate risk. This will include guidelines on how often to disinfect stands and furniture, what to avoid doing, and details on build days and processes. 

Find Out More...

If you'd like to find out more about what measures you can expect and how the venue is ensuring it complies with COVID-19 Government guidelines, please visit


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