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The Importance of Professional Bodies

The Importance of Professional Bodies



Professional bodies offer many advantages to those who can gain membership. 

One of the main benefits is that of recognition – the organisation assesses the candidate member, looking at experience, qualifications and competency and if they are suitable, awards a corresponding grade. 

The Institution of Analysts and Programmers (IAP) for example awards 5 grades of membership starting at Student, Licentiate, Graduate (GradIAP), Associate Member (AMIAP), Member (MIAP) and Fellow (FIAP) – the most prestigious grade. 

For the member, this independently demonstrates their ability and they can use the post-nominals to draw attention to this. 

A further benefit that many may overlook is the Code of Conduct which bodies have to ensure their members abide by strict principles and act in a professional manner. For members seeking work, this demonstrates to their clients that they are bound by the highest standards. 

Members also benefit from being part of a community or network of like-minded professionals. 

Often organisations have symposia, meetings (now frequently online) and other events where diverse topics (such as new ideas and techniques) are discussed. 

Amongst the many other benefits that professional bodies offer, career development and advice, as well as mentoring, are often part of the package that membership brings.

Employers can see when recruiting a person who is already a member of a professional body, that they have a commitment to not just the job, but also the profession, they are employing someone who takes pride in what they do.

This article comes to you from The Institution of Analysts and Programmers

Paul Lynham FIAP, President of The Institution of Analysts and Programmers

John Ellis FIAP Cmpn, Operations Director for The Institution of Analysts and Programmers


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