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30 Jun 2023

Promoting the Startup DNA with ACE.SG

Promoting the Startup DNA with ACE.SG
Running a startup is no easy feat. There are many areas of difficulties faced by startups such as
funding, along with access to resources like mentorship, networking opportunities, and educational

This is where ACE.SG (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) comes in. Established in 2003 by the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, ACE.SG is the key trade association representing the interests of startups in Singapore, serving as the national voice for the Singapore startup ecosystem. It seeks to alleviate the struggles of startups by bridging relevant agencies through the launch of initiatives such as a mentoring scheme and a matching platform for financing. ACE.SG works closely with the Government and startups to promote entrepreneurship, catalyse new growth opportunities, scale startups, and build champion enterprises.

In partnership with other industry players like Microsoft and foreign partners, ACE.SG regularly conducts a range of networking sessions and workshops to support the startup community. Examples of these are the Market Immersion Programmes, Market Insights, and regular Roundtable Sessions with startups.

Located at the iconic JTC LaunchPad@one-north, home to a lively startup ecosystem, comprising both innovators and enablers across various sectors. ACE.SG serves as a channel for startup founders to connect with mentors, and participate in workshops and networking sessions that allow them to gain insights on accelerating business growth. 

As the lead trade association supporting startups over the last two decades, ACE.SG (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) has also grown and evolved with the fast-growing startup community in Singapore. ACE.SG has found that successful founders tend to exhibit unique qualities that includes the relentless drive to disrupt the status quo and achieve exponential scale, regardless of the stage of the startup or how long the company has been around. ACE.SG refers to these qualities as "startup DNA" – a more precise characteristic of a startup. Cultivating this trait will insulate Singapore’s startup ecosystem from the challenges that comes with building a global company and it serves as the guiding direction and purpose behind all of ACE.SG activities.

This year, ACE.SG will be launching the ACE Academy, where we it seeks to provide startups and founders with the knowledge, skills, resources, and networks they need to thrive in this rapidly, evolving world.

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