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Startups Magazine

Supporting tech startups on their journey from idea inception to big business

Startups Magazine champions tech startups - the entrepreneurial heroes disrupting industries and the creators challenging norms and breaking boundaries.'

The Startups Magazine team works hard to deliver unique content to startups providing valuable insights from industry experts, advice on business fundamentals and most importantly - a platform to introduce tech startups to the world stage.


Integrity 'As a publication we walk the tight rope of editorially earned and paid opportunities on a daily basis. Our editorial team remains honest & responsible for earned media, taking an unbiased position in the day-to-day content management, always trying to create a space which both educates, informs & celebrates readers. Contributed articles and speakers are selected on their own merit and the team are careful to select appropriate, relevant individuals who understand the trials and tribulations of business life & with new entrepreneurs entering the space every day we aim to keep opportunities open to fresh-faced contributors. Our sales team distinguish promotional opportunities as soon as possible and can offer services which work with clients to reach our audience in a seamless and friendly way.

Inclusivity ' In all our work, the team strive to showcase global representation across tech startups. Readers, partners, customers all play a part in driving this conversation, and everyone has inalienable rights to express themselves. The team strive to avoid assumptions, challenge stereotypes through our content and use language that is inclusive. Original work crafted by the editorial team is well-researched and relevant to topics covered in events surrounding the industry and technologies of the editorial calendar, always coming back to 'supporting tech startups' and speaking to the individuals.

Creativity ' It wouldn't be Startups Magazine if it weren't creative. The aesthetics of our work strives to challenge norms and question 'guidelines' of graphic style. If you pick up an issue, visit our booth at a show or stop by an event, our audience always leaves thinking' 'well that was a bit different'. We strive to be unique and inspiring as a brand amongst publications.

Community ' Engaging with our readers, partners, sponsors and anyone else associated to Startups Magazine, the value of community cannot go under-emphasised. Our team all consider themselves members of the startups eco-system and empathise with the common challenges that entrepreneurs go through from inception to production. Our community is like-minded, purpose-led individuals who are striving to create better futures, for themselves, a group or the whole planet.'

Fun ' Our testimonials speak for themselves; we try to make all our experiences as seamless as possible, so our community has as much fun as possible. Our team always try to make individuals in an interview, at an event, passing by a booth, feel welcomed and at ease so that experiences are enjoyable for our colleagues and customers!

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